Heathrow Terminal 2A

Heathrow’s Terminal 2 (T2) was opened in June 2014. The structure, which is six times bigger than the original building that it replaced, was designed to handle 20 million air passengers annually – almost a third of Heathrow’s total annual passenger capacity.

T2’s two-storey subterranean vertical passenger movement (VPM) building provides the passenger link between arrivals and departures in the new terminal.

PPS played an important role in the construction of the VPM building’s foundations, which required extensive reinforcement to accommodate the high loadings from aircraft parked above. As well as supplying plunge columns, our engineering team designed and manufactured a bespoke guide frame to carry out their installation. We were also on site to supervise the use of the guide frames, which enabled the plunge columns to be located centrally within pre-augered piles.

The plunge columns were installed in early 2012 reaching completion in 2013.